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Worldwide Quality Assurance (WQA) is an international certification body providing certification for various management systems in diverse sectors. We are a UKAS accredited Certification Body that providing various management system certification to companies around the world, The Head Office based in United Kingdom (UK).

Worldwide Quality Assurance Asia Pacific (WQA-APAC) is the biggest Regional Office that covered Asia Pacific Region. The Regional Office based in Jakarta.





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fotopakariddsWQA Meeting With Head Office - Dubai Monday 21st April 2014
Daniel Raymond and Natalie Croasdale held a meeting with the Management of the Asia Pacific and Middle East/Far East Agencies in Dubai. This was selected due to the central location for all and good transport links.

The meeting focused on reviewing 2013 operations and looking at improvement points for the 2014 period and beyond. This was a very successful meeting and the Agencies in these areas are increasing the customer base due to good management and good customer relations.

The chance was also taken to see some of the sights in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This was a great opportunity to understand the culture and needs of the ever-growing cities in the area.








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