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WQA Workshop


The importance of competence to run the system.

As a Certification Body we recognize the important role of the competence of persons or employees to to run ISO or system with good management.

People have an important function here. At best system that has been made by a Company, would be meaningless if the system is not operated by the company’s employees.

To be able to run the system, it needs a good understanding of the management system itself.

Regarding this case, WQA-APAC provide the workshop to support the understanding and improve the competence for the organizers of the management system.

This workshop is open to the public, both for the client and non-client WQA.

This workshop will be conducted half day, and held at WQA Office at Graha ISKA 165, 5th Floor, Jl Pramuka Raya No. 165 Central Jakarta, 10570 Indonesia, Phone : +6221 – 4260769, Fax : +6221 – 4243523



Sebagai Badan Sertifikasi kami menyadari pentingnya peranan kompetensi dari orang atau karyawan untuk dapat menjalankan ISO atau Sistem management dengan baik.

Orang akan memegang peranan penting disini. Sebaik-baiknya system yang sudah dibuat oleh suatu perusahaan, tidak akan berarti jika system tersebut tidak dijalankan oleh karyawan perusahaan tersebut.

Untuk dapat menjalankan system ISO, dibutuhkan pengertian & pemahaman yang baik mengenai management system itu sendiri.

Dalam hal ini WQA mengadakan WORKSHOP untuk meningkatkan pemahaman dan kompetensi bagi para penyelenggara management system.

No Month Date Event
1 Jan 12-Jan ISO 9001:2015 Workshop
26-Jan ISO 14001:2015 Workshop
2 Feb 9-Feb ISO 9001:2015 Workshop
23-Feb ISO 14001:2015 Workshop
3 Mar 1-Mar 5S Workshop
9-Mar ISO 9001:2015 Workshop
23-Mar ISO 14001:2015 Workshop
4 April 6-Apr ISO 9001:2015 Workshop
20-Apr ISO 37001:2016 Workshop
27-Apr ISO 14001:2015 Workshop
5 May 4-May ISO 9001:2015 Workshop
10-May ISO 45001:2017 Workshop
18- May
ISO 14001:2015 Workshop
22-May CEO Briefing : Leadership & Commitment
6 June 8-Jun ISO 9001:2015 Workshop
15-Jun ISO 14001:2015 Workshop
7 July 13-Jul ISO 9001:2015 Workshop
18-Jul ISO 37001:2016 Workshop
20-Jul ISO 14001:2015 Workshop
31-Jul RBT Workshop
8 August 10-Aug ISO 9001:2015 Workshop
16-Aug ISO 45001:2017 Workshop
24-Aug ISO 14001:2015 Workshop
28-Aug CEO Briefing : Leadership & Commitment
9 September 7-Sep ISO 9001:2015 Workshop
14-Sep 5S Workshop
20-Sep CEO Briefing : Leadership & Commitment
28-Sep ISO 14001:2015 Workshop
10 October 5-Oct CEO Briefing : Leadership & Commitment
12-Oct ISO 9001:2015 Workshop
19-Oct ISO 37001:2016 Workshop
26-Oct ISO 14001:2015 Workshop
11 November 9-Nov ISO 9001:2015 Workshop
16-Nov ISO 45001:2017 Workshop
23-Nov ISO 14001:2015 Workshop
29-Nov CEO Briefing : Leadership & Commitment
12 December 7-Dec ISO 9001:2015 Workshop
19-Dec ISO 37001:2016 Workshop
21-Dec ISO 14001:2015 Workshop
27-Dec CEO Briefing : Leadership & Commitment


Waktu 13:00 WIB - 17:00 WIB
Lokasi Graha ISKA 5th Floor, Jl Pramuka Raya No. 165 Central Jakarta, 10570 Indonesia
Phone : +6221 - 4260769 Hotline/Whatsapp +628111496821
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